Biltema Foundation

Biltema Foundation found a way to give back to it’s countries of manufacture and furthermore make a contribution to the whole economy of the countries.

Emergency Relief

MSF & Save The Children: Syrian Crisis

The Biltema Foundation donated a total of CHF 1 Mio to MSF and Save the Children for immediate emergency response for the refugees from Syria.

Save the Children and Médecins Sans Frontières both provide health care, food and shelter for refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and other countries affected by the displacement of population in the Middle East.

SafePoint: LifeSaver Project

Egypt Project

This project is a new exciting opportunity for the SafePoint Trust to co-create and help run the first national public safety campaign which will occur in Egypt, through a partnership with the renowned and progressive 57357 Hospital.

The goal of this campaign is to create awareness in 90% of the Egyptian population within 12 months – and use this success as a very powerful driver towards all other nations’ switchover.

The campaign team will create assets that successfully message through all media (including social, digital and radio) to ensure awareness throughout Egypt of the importance of demanding only auto-disable product from your HCW / doctor.

The Biltema Foundation is hereby the main sponsor of Marc Koska as spokesman of the LifeSaver campaign. We provide our support for him to be present in the media to spread the LifeSaver message through Egypt and further help him spread the news to other countries in Africa and the Arab world.

Scandinavian Children’s Mission: Hills Of Grace

Multiplier Farm

In Tacloban, Philippines the Scandinavian Children’s Mission has signed an Agreement with the city government for a new long term project, supported by the Biltema Foundation. The project is called Multiplier Farm.

They are now making all preparations so that by the end of the year the facilities are ready to be used for breeding high quality goats both for milk and ultimately meat production. These goats will be distributed to deserving families after the typhoon Haiyan catastrophe. The project is already well under way with the necessary constructions.

The renovation of the Training Center that SCM has bought is complete. They are now setting up a well for watering of the 10'000 trees and bushes which will be special feed for the Multiplier Farm.