49,90 / L

Cleaner for waste tank

Art. 36-1641
Cleaning agent for waste tanks in portable toilets and for installed tanks. Easily dissolves hard limescale and has a pleasant and fresh odour. Cleaning your waste tank occasionally with Cassette Tank Cleaner will extend the lifespan of the tank.

Waste tank for portable toilet: Pour 5 l water in the tank and add 300 ml Cassette Tank Cleaner. Shake the tank carefully so that the inside is cleaned. Allow it to work for at least 16 h and shake the tank every now and again. After 16 h, empty the tank of the cleaning agent and flush thoroughly with water.
Permanently installed tank, 2-3 times annually:add 6 % Cassette Tank Cleaner into an empty tank. Fill up with water and allow it to work for at least 16 h. Empty and flush the tank carefully with water. 1 l