Lithium batteries

At Biltema we have a wide range of lithium batteries in different sizes for different purposes. You can browse our wide range here on the page, and you can click through to the product pages for the different batteries. You can read more about the batteries, check the stock status, and order them online.

Good reasons to buy lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are efficient and environmentally friendly batteries that are characterised by, among other things, low weight, self-discharge at standstill (even in winter), longer service life, better starting properties, and much more. In this way, lithium batteries differ favourably from traditional batteries.

Several of the lithium batteries that you can buy here at Biltema have a charge indicator, and they are of course both acid- and leak-proof. If you combine this with our low prices, then the list of good reasons to buy lithium batteries will be quite long.

If you would like to know more about the different batteries, you can read the attached manuals and other documents, which can also be downloaded from the product pages of the different batteries. The documents usually contain all the information you will need if you are interested in the technical performance of the batteries.

Efficient and durable lithium batteries for lawnmowers, scooters, etc.

Lithium batteries are usually the right choice if you need a new starter battery for your lawnmower, electric moped/electric scooter, or motorcycle. And we therefore also have a wide range of efficient and durable batteries for these particular machines and vehicles.

If you want to be sure that the lithium battery you buy is suitable for your motorcycle, electric moped/electric scooter, or lawnmower, you can always read more on the battery product page, where you will often find an overview of the models with which the battery is compatible – which makes searching easier.

With a lithium battery, your lawnmower, electric moped/electric scooter, or motorcycle is quickly ready for use again, so you can continue mowing the lawn or take a pleasant rides with your two-wheeled vehicle.

Good to know about lithium batteries in vehicles

Lithium batteries maintain their capacity in temperatures between +5 and +45 °C. At -10 °C, a lithium battery will lose most of its power. In our Nordic climate, it is therefore not suitable to use lithium batteries in passenger cars. Lithium batteries can, however, be used in place of lead-acid batteries in vehicles and machines during the warmer months of the year, such as in lawnmowers. 

How Biltema states lithium battery capacity

To best describe lithium battery capacity in temperatures above zero, Biltema also specifies during testing, in addition to the measured number of ampere hours (Ah), the actual Ah value at the correct operating temperature. This is usually called EqPb or “Equals Lead-acid Battery”.
For example, we specify the capacity of a battery as follows: 2.4 Ah (6 Ah). When EqPb is 6 Ah, the battery can replace a 6 Ah lead battery.

Biltema has chosen to state lithium battery capacity in this way since there is no specific testing standard for lithium motorcycle batteries; they are instead tested in the same way as lead-acid batteries, at -18 °C. The low testing temperature produces an inaccurate low value that cannot be used when choosing a replacement for a lead-acid battery.

Recycle your battery

Old vehicle lithium batteries are considered hazardous waste and must therefore  be handed in to a recycling centre or to the distributor from which you purchase a new battery to ensure that they are recycled correctly.
Before recycling your batteries, we advise you to check which local rules and guidelines must be followed when recycling hazardous waste.