Wheel bearing sets

On this page you will find our quality wheel bearing kits. To find the wheel hub that fits your car, we recommend that you use the registration number search below.
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Important with good wheel bearings

The wheel hub is located inside the wheel and is what allows the wheels to roll freely on the road. Wheel hubs are used in all types of vehicles with wheels, such as bicycles, trailers and cars. It is the wheel hub that helps to keep the friction from the rolling wheels as low as possible, which requires that your wheel hubs are in good condition.

Replace broken wheel hubs

If your wheel hub is broken, you can usually hear this when driving in the form of a humming sound, whether you are driving straight ahead or turning with the wheels. You can also check your wheel hubs by hoisting the car and spinning the wheels. If it is loose or sounds abnormal, you should change the wheel hubs.