Wiper blades

Buying guide for wiper blades – for better visibility whatever the weather

Rain, snow, ice and dust – there’s a lot that can affect visibility when you’re driving a car. New wiper blades mean good visibility whatever the weather. But what should you think about when choosing wiper blades for your car?

Which wiper blades can you buy at Biltema?

At Biltema we sell different models of wiper blades. Which wiper blades you should buy depends on which car model you have and which length and type of attachment you need. In the list below you will find our different wiper blades. Click on the wiper blade you want to read more information about.

Our wiper blades

If you have questions about which wiper blades to buy, you are always welcome to contact us.

The rubber of the wiper blades is crucial

The rubber of the wiper blades must be soft and flexible to give the best results. But over time the rubber becomes harder as the wiper blades are exposed to varying weather and temperatures, which results in poorer wiping action and reduced visibility. For example, Biltema’s Flatblade wiper blades are fitted with a graphite-coated synthetic rubber that softens the friction.

Choose the right size and type

Wiper blades are available in many different makes, sizes and price ranges. The type and size you should choose depend on the model of car you have and the year it was manufactured. If you are unsure which wiper blades to choose, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to help you. Once you know what size and type you should have, you can buy your wiper blades from any manufacturer.

Note! Some cars have different wiper blade lengths on the driver and passenger side, so it may be a good idea to measure the wiper blades before fitting them.

Frequently asked questions about wiper blades

When should I replace my wiper blades?

You should replace your wiper blades when they start to skip across the windscreen, when the rubber starts to dry out, when they leave marks on the windscreen or when they no longer work as well as before.

How often should you replace your wiper blades?

A good rule of thumb is to replace your wiper blades every six months, for instance when changing your tyres.

How do you know which wiper blades to have?

Your car model and its year of manufacture determine which wiper blades you should buy. Sometimes you may need different blades on the driver and passenger side as they can be different lengths.

How do I replace my wiper blades?

Start by lifting up the wiper blade arm and removing the old blade (some car models need to be put into service mode). Then fit the new one. There are often fitting instructions on the packaging. Finally, lower the wiper arm carefully.