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Headlight polishing kit

Art. 36-13
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For renovating headlight glass and other clear plastics. Restores the clarity and effectively removes scratches and oxidisation in the plastic. Complete renovation kit.Contains the following: Headlamp Polishing Compound - Polish 75 gr Headlamp Restorer Sealant - Sealant 125 ml Microfibre cloth The polish is mildly abrasive and removes coatings, scratches and discoloured polymers from old headlight glass and makes them look like new. Then the sealant is applied that repels rain and sunlight at the same time as it prevents the glass from becoming matt or oxidised. It is easy to apply, leaves no trace, adheres to the surface and gives the glass a whole new shine. This renovation kit shall not be used on new or undamaged headlights.Instructions:
  1. Work on one headlight at a time.
  2. Clean the headlight glass with a cleaning agent suited for headlight glass, in order to remove surface dirt.
  3. Mask the area around the headlight to protect the paintwork.
  4. Apply the polish on the microfibre cloth and polish off the yellowed surface. Remove excess material with the microfibre cloth.
  5. Shake the sealant bottle well. Pour a small amount onto the microfibre cloth.
  6. Wipe off the glass with circular movements and ensure that the entire glass is treated. This encapsulates the shine and removes visible scratches. Apply more product if necessary. Use the microfibre cloth to wipe off excess material.

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