149:- / L

Transmission oil 75W-90

Art.. 30-582
Waterproof, fully synthetic gear oil designed to withstand high and low temperatures and difficult operating conditions. The product contains well-balanced additives and is intended for all types of gear where an EP lubricant is recommended. The oil does not foam and has good pressure-bearing properties as well as water resistance, making it very suitable for long change intervals. Class: API GL-5 LS, MAN 342 Type M1/M2/M3, Mack GO-J, GO-J Plus, Scania STO 1:0.

Always check oil specifications with the engine manufacturer: Recommended for Volvo Penta: DP-A2, DP-B, DP-B1, DP-C, DP-D, DP-D1, DPX, DP-S, DP-E, DPH-A, DPH-B and others

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