Buying guide for screenwash – keep the windscreen clean regardless of the season

Having the right screenwash is crucial for you to have good visibility through both the front and rear windscreens regardless of weather conditions. But what do you need to consider when choosing screenwash? What is the difference between ready-mixed and concentrated screenwash, and why is there screenwash for different seasons?

Screenwash for winter or summer use

What temperatures will the screenwash be exposed to? The contents of the screenwash vary depending on the season in which it will be used. Screenwash intended for winter use contains alcohol such as ethanol and isopropanol. The alcohol protects the washer system and prevents the screenwash from freezing. When it is expected to be below zero outside, it is important that you know what type of screenwash you have in the container. If the liquid freezes, the washer system and the entire wiper mechanism may stop working.

Screenwash for summer use does not contain alcohol but may have other additives that help remove insect residues, for example. All screenwash, regardless of intended season, contain cleaning agents that, together with the windscreen wipers and wiper blades, clean the screen efficiently.

Pre-mixed or concentrated screenwash

Do you want to mix the screenwash yourself or refill the container directly? Screenwash is also divided into two further categories – premixed and concentrated screenwash. You can pour the ready-mixed screenwash directly into the car's screenwash container, but you need to dilute the concentrated screenwash with water. How much water you need to dilute the screenwash with is written on the packaging. During the winter months, it is extra important that you dilute the screenwash correctly. The more water you add, the more freeze-sensitive the screenwash becomes.

Other vision enhancing agents

In addition to screenwash, there are several types of vision-enhancing agents that can be used as a additive in the screenwash. At Biltema you will find, for example, agents that quickly remove frost and ice on glass and rubber. Perfect for those who do not feel like scraping the windows on a cold winter morning. You will also find anti-fog that prevent fogging on the car's windows and rain-repellent agents that create a dirt and water repellent surface. These vision-enhancing agents are applied directly to the car window.

Frequently asked questions about windscreen washer fluids

What screenwash do you need?

It is determined by how cold it is outside and whether you want to dilute the screenwash yourself or not.

How do you mix screenwash?

Concentrated screenwash must be mixed with water. The proportion of water is indicated on the packaging.

How do you top up the screenwash?

Locate the screenwash container under the bonnet, unscrew or lift the lid and refill it.