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Anchor Resin Winter

Art. 20-5325
For winter use. Strong chemical fastener with many areas of use. High load capacity. For affixing threaded bars, rebars and similar in concrete at temperatures as low as -18 °C. Fast curing. 300 ml.
  • Strong and secure fastening. Tolerates high tensile and shear loads.
  • Fast curing
  • High chemical resistance: suitable for use in corrosive and/or moist environments.
  • Can be used for small edge distances and narrow spacing between the anchoring points.
  • Styrene-free product. Virtually odourless. Can be used in damp or water-filled holes.
  • Cartridge with 1 mixer tube. Can be applied with puttygun.
  • Reuse opened cartridges by replacing the mixingnozzle.
Areas of use
  • Strong and secure fastening of threadedbars, rebars, and similar in concrete.
  • Installation of balconies, railings, gates, brackets, antennas, handrails, etc.