Mixer fitting surface mounted pipe routing

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Stainless, polished. For surface mounted pipe routing 40 c/c to mixer fitting. Rotatable for connection from underneath or from on top. Dimensions: 220 x 60mm. HVS screw supplied.

Mounting instructions
In cases of surface mounted pipe routing the pipes generally enter the mixer from below, which means that the water is fed into the mixer from underneath. With this mixer mount you can choose whether the connection should come from below or from above.
  1. Mount the sealing membrane on the piping.
  2. Use the screws to attach the mixer to the wall. Seal the screw threads with silicone.
  3. Thread the clamp rings and press home the shelf support sockets so they bottom out towards the pipe.
  4. Mount the mixer. Connection threads M26 x 1.5 or G3/4. Tighten the nut alternately by hand so the mixer presses against the mixer bracket. Tighten another one and a half turns.


    Art. 87-2003
    160/40 c/c M26 x 1.5 x G 1/2".
  • MIXER ATTACHM. G15/G20 40-150C

    MIXER ATTACHM. G15/G20 40-150C

    Art. 87-2004
    150/40 c/c G15 - G20 Europe model.

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