Roof drainage

Protect your house facade from rainwater and moisture with an efficient roof drainage system.
In our roof drainage system, you will find, among other things, downpipes, gutters, ejectors, reindeer funnels and leaf protection for the gutter.

You can easily assemble it with the help of our manual, which also contains an assembly guide.
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Frequently asked questions about roof drainage

Why do I need roof drainage?

Our Nordic climate comes with a lot of rain. In order for the rain to not destroy your house facade or foundation, and to avoid moisture damage, it is important to collect and direct the rainwater where you want it.

How often do I need to replace my roof drainage system?

How often you need to change roof drainage depends entirely on what material it is made of, what the weather conditions look like and how often you maintain it. You should replace parts such as gutters, if you find that they are leaking, or if you see rust.

How do I maintain my roof drainage system?

By regularly cleaning your gutters and removing leaves and other dirt, you extend the life of your roof drainage system. Especially in autumn, it is important to remove the leaves that fall from the trees. If the gutters become full of leaves, it can result in the water flooding and in the worst case damaging your house facade.

How do I calculate which roof drainage system I need?

It is often enough to measure the surface of the roof by multiplying the length of the gutter by the length of the gable. Our roof drainage is dimensioned to withstand water from a roof surface of up to 125 m² per downpipe, when the roof slope is a maximum of 45 °.
It can handle most residential buildings and smaller properties. You need a downpipe every ten meters. If the roof is longer than 10 meters, you therefore need to have more than one downpipe there.

What slope should the gutter have?

The slope of the gutter should be 3-5 millimeters / meter along the eaves.