Recall of Blaster sand, 17-022 and 17-294

Published 2018.11.30

All articles with the following article numbers, 17-022 and 17-294, are the subject of recall from the market. In a number of the products, low concentrations of asbestos have been found. The concentrations of asbestos found so far are so low, that the experts say they do not pose any health risk. As a precautionary measure, Biltema is recalling all examples of the aforementioned article numbers from our customers, as in regular use without protective equipment, we cannot rule out a certain effect on health.

We ask our customers to stop using the products immediately. When returning the articles to our stores, they must be in sealed plastic sacks. Sealed packages from the store shall remain sealed, and opened packages shall be sealed with tape and packaged in a plastic sack before returning them.

Biltema will compensate all customers with the purchase price, and no receipt or proof of purchase is needed.