Three Months' Free Bicycle Insurance!

When you purchase a new bicycle from Biltema
When you buy a new bicycle from Biltema, you always get three months' bicycle insurance free of charge. What does that mean? It means that you get hassle-free insurance cover with your purchase. All you need to do is apply within five days of the purchase.

Valid for regular bicycles (not electric bikes)
If your bicycle gets stolen, Biltema will replace it at the original price (no depreciation due to age or wear), and you will not be required to pay an excess.
•Theft replacement at an equal value to the purchase price.
•No excess or depreciation.
•Compensation for permanently mounted accessories up to SEK 500 (must be recorded on the same receipt as the bicycle).
•Searchable anti-theft registration in Sweden's largest bicycle registry.

For electric bikes
When you purchase an electric bike, you will not be required to pay excess on amounts up to SEK 10,000. 
•We pay the excess on your home insurance. 
•You can purchase a new bike of the same or similar model from Biltema.
•Searchable anti-theft registration in Sweden's largest bicycle registry.

Received an offer to extend your bicycle insurance?
After the first 3 months, you can extend your insurance cover. Before the 3-month period ends, you will receive an offer from Solid Försäkrng inviting you to extend your insurance cover. If you opt out, your insurance cover will be terminated automatically at the end of the 3-month period.

Free bicycle insurance, pdf (1 MB)
Free electrical bicycle insurance, pdf (1 MB)