Atmosphere and crafting in peace and quiet - 5 tips for Christmas in your cottage

Atmosphere and crafting in peace and quiet - 5 tips for Christmas in your cottage

As the evenings are at their darkest and everyday life is pressing, we long more than ever for rest breaks, peace and quiet. When stress rolls on, you dream of a quiet corner, where you can relax with your loved ones. For many of us, the cottage is such a place - a sanctuary, where you can relax from the hectic everyday life. The closer you get to the cottage, the better you feel, in the knowledge that you will soon arrive at your own hiding place, where time is completely your own. That’s why it may be a good idea to celebrate Christmas at the cottage. If it feels like it is not possible to unwind at home, things will certainly succeed better in the cottage.

For hard-working folk, a holiday cottage is a paradise where you can fulfil the desires of the heart. Around Christmas, you can still relax from garden chores and repairs and instead do things that belong to Christmas and enjoy the weekend.


5 tips for a really rewarding Christmas at your cottage

1. Start Christmas in the right way at the cottage

The air feels fresh and cool when you step out of the car. You can feel it when you inhale the first deep breath. The cold pinches the tip of the nose and the earlobes. When the door to the cottage is opened for the first time, the breath steams a little even indoors. In the winter, it is natural that you first and foremost want to get the cottage warm. You should still take it easy and start warming up carefully. Ensure straight away that the fire safety productsare in functional condition and that everyone knows where they are. In this way, Christmas can get off to a safe start and you can actually focus on calming down and enjoying the impending break from everyday life.

Christmas lights and trees

Once the cottage has warmed up and all the goods have been unpacked, it is time to pick up a Christmas tree from the nearby forest. When the scent of a fresh spruce fills the cottage, Christmas begins as if by itself. Then everyone can agree on dressing the Christmas tree.
Dusk sets in early in the evening, so it is a good idea to hang up the Christmas lights both indoors and outdoors in good time. As the darkness settles over the cottage, the twinkling, flashing and twinkling lights create a calm and happy atmosphere. You can also keep the darkness at a distance with cressets that illuminate the paths and spread a warm glow in the yard.

Our range of christmas lightning

2. Bake the cottage full of scents

The smell of gingerbread cookies baked in the oven is part of Christmas - and they taste so good with the mulled wine during a break in the hustle and bustle. Bake the gingerbread cookies in a few batches, so everyone can enjoy the wonderful aroma a little longer. An oven-fresh Christmas cake feels so right and well-deserved after a day of preparation. Feel free to make different versions of the cakes, both sweet and salty. Why not arrange a blind cake tasting, where you can guess the different fillings.


3. Food for both humans and birds

In addition to baking, Christmas of course also means cooking. Christmas dinner is a long-awaited highlight. Fellowship at the same table, in the company of loved ones and with good food. Whether you present beloved classics or introduce exciting new flavours to the Christmas table, it is great to invest in Christmas food. It is possible to prepare the meal well in advance at home. This way you can take it easy in the cottage and have time to do other things as well. The dishes you have prepared can be easily transported in storage boxes of different sizes. The rest of the Christmas food can be helped with the whole gathering on the spot - and by all means remember to take mulled wine breaks. If the cottage lacks some of the kitchen items needed when preparing your Christmas food, you can easily buy them from us at Biltema.


Kitchen supplies at Biltema

Remember that in addition to humans, birds also appreciate Christmas food. With sheaves, tallow balls and seed mixtures, you attract happy and satisfied birds to the garden. You could follow their carefree activities for hours without getting tired of them.

More birdfood

4. Pastimes and crafting for the whole family

When your cheeks get hot after a few hours outdoors, the Christmas food tastes even better than usual. At the cottage, it is not difficult to stay busy. If it is cold enough - i.e. below freezing - you can make ice lanterns in vessels of different types and sizes. If there is snow, you can also make snowmen - why not carve doubles for the whole family!

In the evenings, while the fire is crackling in the stove, it is nice to make decorations of various kinds. Snowflakes or angels to hang from the ceiling are a popular motif, and it's fun to, as you become more skilled, try your hand at more and more advanced designs. Try to make door wreaths only from materials found in nature around the cottage. You can also try to knead together small elves of cones that you have collected in the yard.


5. Enjoy nature and well-being

At the cottage you should of course enjoy the surrounding nature. Wandering around in the woods on foot or on skis cheers you up and lets your thoughts rest. The air is fresh, the forest smells, time stops and you are in no hurry anywhere. The squirrels scramble up and down along the tree trunks and the birds sing in the tops. Could it be better? Pack hot drinks in a thermos and take a tasty break when you feel like it. After a ski trip or walk, it is wonderful to have a really nice sauna. A quick dip in the water speeds up the blood circulation and feels great.

The lighting strands and cressets look lovely in the pitch darkness. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch the candles, take it easy after a day filled with crafts and other activities. On clear evenings, it is also so much more rewarding to look at the starry sky at the cottage than among the city lights. The world around us seems unspeakably beautiful.

Surrounded by nature, it is easy to calm down before Christmas and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whatever you like to do, it feels even better when you can do it with your loved ones at the cottage. At the cottage, everyone focuses on togetherness, and togetherness is what Christmas is all about. Loved ones and a feeling of community.

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