119,80 / L

Streak remover

Art. 36-7503
A fast, easy and simple means of removing streaks and marks from fibreglass, metal and painted surfaces. Spray on, let it work and wipe off. Does not remove wax or polish. 500 ml.

This is what to do:
Shake the bottle well before use. Spray the agent over the soiled surface and let it work for 30 seconds. Rub with a clean rag, sponge or brush to remove stains. Rinse with clean water. Heavily soiled surfaces may require further treatment.

Before use test the agent on an unobtrusive part of the surface. If any undesired reaction occurs the agent should absolutely not be used on the material. Certain types of internal decals and painted stripes can be discoloured by the agent.

Contains anion tensides 5–15 % and EDTA <5 %.

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