Sun – heat – barbecue evenings!

Buyer’s guide for grills – equip yourself for a social summer!

Who doesn’t want to arrange a barbecue where freshly grilled meat and vegetables fill plates, where laughter is heard by the neighbours two houses away, and where socialising in the garden continues into the small hours? But first, you need a grill. At Biltema you can choose between charcoal, gas, and electric grills. Each grill type has its unique advantages, and we’ll go through them here in the guide so you can make the best possible choice!

Gas grills – practical outdoor grills

If you want to buy a grill that is quick to start and easy to use, you should go for a gas grill. Since all you need to do is turn the gas on and press the button to ignite it, you can go from idea to standing and grilling in just a few minutes. Does the meat need to be heated quickly to sync with the potatoes in the oven? Just increase the heat by turning the knob. Did the meat grill before the guests sit down at the table? Turn the temperature knob down to the lowest setting. As you can imagine, adjusting the heat makes grilling precise. At Biltema you can buy large gas grills for when your extended family comes round, as well as small gas grills for taking on camping trips!

Charcoal grills – when feeling is everything

A charcoal grill is an outdoor grill that takes a long time to start. And that’s the point. Placing the charcoal in the grill, placing the grate, pouring on lighter fluid, and then lighting the grill is a special feeling. After this you can stand with friends next to the grill and drink something good while the coals start to glow and the aromas from the grill fill the air. It is precisely this experience that the charcoal grill is all about. In our charcoal grill range you will find many different grills, such as the classic kettle grill. But we also have a small grill that can be folded up very compactly. Perfect for opening up when your party is relaxing in sun loungers and enjoying the evening sun.

Electric grills – flexible and simple

There have been several fire bans in Sweden over the last few Swedish summers. With an electric grill, you don’t have to worry about that. Electric grills are usually not affected by fire bans. Electric grills are quick and easy to use. You don’t need charcoal or gas, and there’s less smell. And neither is the weather a factor to the same extent. If there’s a sudden downpour, you can take the grill into the kitchen and continue grilling. To top it all off, electric grills are cheap and you can get them at Biltema for next to nothing!

Griddle grills – for the campfire

Does a charcoal grill not give you enough of a barbecue feeling? A griddle grill is the next step into nature. You simply place the griddle grill on three legs over the campfire. Then you can cook for the party and at the same time enjoy the light and warmth of the fire.

Frequently asked questions about grills

What grill should I get?

It depends on your needs. A gas grill is fast but a charcoal grill creates a special barbecue feeling.

Can the grill stand outside during the winter?

It depends on the grill. Read more in the grill’s manual.

How do you light a grill?

A gas grill can be ignited by turning on the gas and then pressing the ignition knob on the grill. A charcoal grill is lit using charcoal, lighter fluid, and a flame from e.g. a match.