Domestic household grass seed

Art. 14-0451
  • Grass seed mix for residential lawns, establishes quickly after being sown.
  • Creates a tight, durable and competitive lawn.
  • One packet is enough for 50-60 m².
  • The grass mix is also ideal for the additional seeding of damaged lawns.

Establishing a lawn requires that the user instructions for seeding are followed carefully. Otherwise the seeds may germinate slowly and result in poor growth, which has nothing to do with the health or germination properties of the grass seeds.

To establish a healthy lawn:
NOTE! Shake the packet well before sowing the seeds.

New seeding:
  1. When the soil is even and repacked, and preferably damp a few centimetres under the surface, spread the grass seeds as evenly as possible. The more seeds per m², the tighter the lawn will grow.
  2. Rake carefully or use a cage roller to cover the seeds. NOTE! Water every day until the grass is full!
  3. Cut the grass when it is approx. 5 cm long. Do not cut more than 1/3 of the grass length at a time.
  4. Fertilise after approx. 6 weeks with Biltema Lawn Fertiliser (14-0461).
Additional Seeding/Post-Seeding:
  1. Harrow an area by vertical cutting or raking hard.
  2. Gather up all loose material.
  3. Spread the grass seed evenly over the area and harrow it with a rake.
  4. It may be a good idea to spread a layer of topdressing over the seeds.
  5. Water until the grass is full.

The product conforms to European standards.