AAA Rechargeable Batteries, 4-pack

Art.. 38-5202
Rechargeable NiMh battery, 1.2 V, with low self-discharge. Can be used directly. Maintains 70 % of its charge for one year. Ideal for products that are used sporadically for a long period of time, for example toys and gaming consoles. Best stored fully charged. Can be recharged at least 500 times. 4-pack.Store fully charged!
Regular batteries self-discharge over time, even if they are not used. Biltema's Low Self Discharge (LSD) is a new type of NiMH battery with low self-discharge. It keeps 70 % of its charge and is ideal for toys, gaming consoles and other products that are use sporadically over a long period of time. Store LSD batteries fully-charged so to don't have to charge them prior to use. Replace regular batteries with LSD batteries, which you don't need to charge first.