Fuel Pump Installation Kit

Art.. 52-251
Fits fuel pump 52-250.


*Adapter in anodised aluminium. Dimensions: 35 mm x 30 mm. Outer thread: M18 x 1.5 mm. Inner thread: RC ¼. *Extension pipe in anodised aluminium. Dimensions: 37 mm x 17 mm. Outer thread R2 ¼. *Nipple in galvanised steel. Hole Ø 12.5 mm. For 8 mm hose. Length: 44 mm. *Nuts in yellow galvanised steel. Ø 19 mm. M12 x 1.5 mm. Length: 18mm. *Rubber washer of steel and NBR. Ø 24.6 mm/15 mm. Thickness 1.95 mm. *Copper Washers, 2-pack. Ø 16 mm/12 mm. Thickness: 1.3 mm.

Suitable for:

  • UNIVERSAL: Universal