Bike - Electrical bike

Bike - Electrical bike

Bicycle Buyer’s Guide – what to consider when buying a bike

Bicycles give us the freedom to travel long distances and can also double as exercise equipment. But what should you consider when buying a bicycle? This guide will help you make the right purchase decision based on your specific needs!

Good bikes for all purposes

When searching for bikes online, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the wide range.

These are some of the most popular and common bicycle categories:

  • children’s bicycles
  • balance bikes
  • tricycles
  • junior bicycles
  • kickbikes
  • ladies’ bicycles
  • men’s bicycles
  • BMX
  • electric bikes
  • mountain bikes (MTB)

The models above all have unique features that make them particularly suitable for certain purposes. For example, a BMX is a suitable bike for those who want to do tricks with the bike. On the other hand, a mountain bike is better suited for adrenaline-filled off-road riding. It’s therefore important that you choose the type of bike that best meets your needs and way of cycling.

Affordable ladies’ and men’s bicycles

Are you looking for an affordable men’s or ladies’ bicycle? Then you’ve come to the right place – here at Biltema you will find good, reliable bikes that don’t need to break the bank! By using our search, filtering and category functions, you can quickly and easily find a new bike that meets your needs.

Affordable children’s bicycles

If you are looking for a good, affordable bike for a child, there are many cool bikes to choose from. At Biltema you will find everything from balance bikes for the smallest children to tricycles, mountain bikes, and standard bikes. No matter if you want a bike without gears or a children’s bike with gears, we have what you are looking for!

Bicycle accessories, spare parts, and servicing

In addition to all kinds of bicycles, we also have a wide selection of bicycle accessories. At Biltema you can equip your bike with accessories that make it safer and more practical to ride.

A few accessories for bikes and for cyclists that we stock:

  • bicycle baskets
  • bicycle lights
  • cycling gloves
  • bicycle helmets
  • bicycle locks
  • bicycle pumps
  • reflectors
  • bike trailers
  • panniers
  • stabiliser wheels

Yosemite by Biltema  

Our solid range of bicycles from Yosemite by Biltema has been developed for getting up-close and active in our Nordic nature. Discover our bikes and embark on adventures in lush forests, along miles of country roads or in the vibrant city. 
Here you can find inspiration and the right bike for you.

Frequently asked questions about bikes

Why should I buy a bike?

A common reason for buying a bike is wanting to use the car or public transport less. You can save money by reducing your fuel costs – plus it’s a good form of exercise!

Which bike should I buy?

The most important factor when buying a bike is the intended use. If you intend to commute to work by bicycle, a hybrid bike can be a good choice, while a mountain bike is suitable for those who wanting to ride in more unforgiving terrain.

When should I buy a bike?

Autumn is a popular season for buying a bike. But there’s also a lot of interest in bicycles around Christmas, spring and summer.