Marine rubbing compound

Art. 30-574
Marine Rubbing is a polish for those wanting to get their boat to shine at the same time as removing medium-sized scratches. Works equally well for hand or machine polishing. Suitable for use on most lacquers and plastics as well as gel coating on boats, cars, caravans, mobile homes, motorbikes, trailers, horse boxes, etc. 500 ml.

If you use a polishing machine and Marine Rubbing you can easily adjust the polishing disc's properties and hardness to get the compound to adapt to milder rubbing and fine polishing.

Technical information
  • Application temperature: From +5 to +30 °C
  • Dilution: Normal use, do not dilute
  • Shelf life: Opened package 2 years
  • Base material: Aliphatic hydrocarbons, Non-ionic tensides