Biltema Business Card – smarter than cash

• Pay at the end of the month following purchase. The only extra charge is an administration fee of SEK 30.
• Choose up to 3 months' part-payments. A monthly interest rate of 1.5 % of the total amount, as well as an administration fee of SEK 30 per month is added.
• Apply for your card directly in store or download the form below (complete, print and take it along to your store).
• Possibility to connect several cards to the same account.
• Account statement monthly with the purchase made during the period, the place of purchase and who made the purchase.

Application form (pdf)
Application form for extra cards (pdf)

For complete terms and conditions read more at Contact them on or 0771-11 22 33

The service is provided in partnership with Resurs Bank AB, which is responsible for the personal data submitted when applying for a Biltema Business Card. Biltema does not store any personal data pertaining to the Biltema Business Card. 

Please direct any questions regarding the Biltema Business Card to Resurs Bank AB.