Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

Art.. 82-351
Static balancing of motorcycle wheels. 5 g accuracy, sufficient for speeds up to 250 km/h. Easy to store – takes up little space and can be kept in a toolbox. Easy to use – set up both ball bearing holders on each side of the wheel on two separate objects of equal height on a level surface, e.g. two stools. NOTE! Stand and holder not included. Consists of the following: 1) 2 CNC-milled aluminium cones (spacers) to hold the wheel in place. The span of both cones is from 16 mm to 34 mm. 2) 1 steel centring shaft. Length: 400 mm. Ø 12 mm. 3) 2 ball bearing holders. Suitable for use together with balancing weight (5 g) 82-352.