Electronic stethoscope

Art.. 15-247
Battery-driven, electronic stethoscope with a wide range of uses. The stethoscope can be used to easily localise dissonance in the engine (bearing and engine noise), and to also diagnose the cause.. The stethoscope can also be used for troubleshooting and monitoring of, for example, valves, injectors, electrical parts, relays, drive gear, axles, pumps, lubrication systems, etc. The sound source is localised with the help of the probe tip with the sound progressing through an adjustable amplifier to the headphones. Amplifier with adjustable volume. LED indication for activated device (ON).Technical data: Aluminium probe, length: 200 mm. Cable length to headphones: 1000 mm. Total length (amplifier with probe): 380 mm. Battery: 1 pcs. 9 V battery (not included).Helps to identify and diagnose engine and chassis dissonance. Powered by one 9 V battery (not included). Complete with headphones and volume control. CE certified. Practical and easy to use.