Tyre Fix, non-flammable

Art. 36-8201
Now with low GWP.
non-flammable propellent gas!

Biltema's new Tyre Fix is a safe, fast and simple solution when you have a puncture and do not have the opportunity to change tyres, for example when in the middle of traffic, when it is dark, when you're in a hurry or when you can't loosen the wheel nuts. After use the tyre must be immediately examined by a professional tyre shop.

  • Rubber-latex based aerosol product with non-flammable propellent gas.
  • Pumps up the tyre and creates a stable, permanent film on the inside of the tyre.
  • Recommended for use on all types of vehicle tyres.
  • Volume: 500 ml, for tyres 185R 14 and greater.

  • Do not use Tyre Fix on damage to the wall of the tyre or if the object causing the puncture is greater than Ø 5 mm.
  • Always keep the can in your luggage compartment.
  • After use the tyre must be immediately examined by a professional tyre shop.

1. If possible, remove the object causing the puncture.
2. Shake the can vigorously. In cold weather, gently heat the can with the hands or the car's heating system.
3. Screw the nozzle onto the tyre valve.
4. Remove the protective cap from the can and keep it upright.
5. Keep the nozzle depressed until the tyre has inflated. Unscrew the nozzle from the tyre valve.
6. Immediately drive 5 – 10 km at a low speed to allow the product to work properly.
7. Adjust the tyre pressure as soon as possible. Pump a little air through the air valve to prevent plugging.
8. As soon as possible allow a professional tyre repair shop to check if the tyre needs repairing or replacing.

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