Car washing buying guide – say goodbye to ingrained dirt and traffic dust

Like almost everything else in life, your car also needs a thorough cleaning from time to time. By washing the car, you protect it from external factors that can otherwise cause damage to the car. In our range you will find many products designed for cleaning cars, both inside and out.

Exterior cleaners

A thorough car wash starts with degreasing and shampooing, and ends with polishing and drying. If you want to make it easy for yourself, you can also use our waterless car cleaner. You can also make a climate-smart choice and use the products in our Bio series.

You will need:

  • Degreasing:
    Degreasers are used to dissolve, among other things, tar, grease, dirt and salt from the car. There are two main types of degreaser – cold degreaser (for tar, asphalt, grease, salt) and alkaline degreaser (for dirt, road dust).

  • Car shampoo
    Car shampoo is a cleaning agent with or without wax that dissolves most stains, traffic film and grease, while at the same time leaving your car extra shiny.

  • Wheel rim cleaner
    Rim cleaner is designed to effectively clean the exposed rims from ingrained dirt and brake dust.

  • Glass cleaner
    Cleaning car windows significantly increases road safety. Regularly cleaning and polishing the glass both internally and externally is therefore extremely important.

Useful tools for cleaning the car

  • Car wash bucket / bucket with dirt separator – a sturdy bucket with a practical dirt separator makes cleaning the car both straight forward and easy.
  • Sponge – use a soft and gentle sponge for a scratch-free result.
  • Rim brush – with the help of the soft and bendable bristles, you can easily access even the most hard-to-reach places.
  • Chamois leather – highly absorbent drying cloth made of real or synthetic leather for effective blotting of the bodywork and interior.
  • Microfibre cloth – highly absorbent and dirt-dissolving microfibre cloths work wonders when wiping and polishing.

Do not forget to clean the car interior

A clean car interior may not be outwardly noticeable, but surely it is a little nicer to step into a clean car? At Biltema you will find several cleaning products that will help you keep your car interior free of stains, dirt and crumbs.

Car interior cleaners

  • Interior cleaning – effectively removes dirt and grease from car windows, dashboards and other surfaces made of hard plastic.
  • Fabric cleaning – removes stains and dirt from seats and other fabric surfaces in the car.
  • Glass cleaning – for cleaning and polishing glass windows

Useful tools for cleaning the car interior

  • Microfibre cloths – highly absorbent and dirt-dissolving microfibre cloths for the wiping of, for example, dashboards .
  • Cleaning cloths – smooth cleaning cloths with cleaning agents for wiping various surfaces.

Keep in mind...

Before washing your car, we advise you to check which local rules and guidelines must be followed when washing your car at home.
The dirt washed off your car often contains oil and fuel residues, which, for the sake of the environment, should not end up in groundwater. Most car wash facilities are equipped with oil separators and water treatment systems, which prevent harm to the environment.

Frequently asked questions about car cleaning

How often should you wash your car?

It can be a good idea to wash your car at least once a month if you use it daily, but that is entirely up to you.

Are there environmentally friendly cleaners you can when cleaning the car

Yes, check out the cleaning products in our Bio series.

Can I wash the car at home?

It is not forbidden to wash the car on the street or driveway, but you should not discharge untreated wastewater into the environment. The water from cleaning of a car can be counted as wastewater.