Portable Distribution Box

Art. 44-727
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Compact, portable model. For simple and safe electricity distribution indoors and outdoors for e.g. construction sites, light industry, events, etc. IP44.
  • Category A earth leakage circuit breaker (40 A/30 mA) at all sockets. *2 miniature circuit breakers (C16 A); function as automatic fuses for the Schucko socket. *All sockets have a cover. *Self-closing fuse cover in transparent plastic. *Holes for mounting to walls or hanging on a stand. *Made of durable thermoplastic. *Conforms to EN 61439-1:2011 and EN 61439-4:2013.
1 x CEE, 3-phase/400V 16A

2 x CEE, 3-phase/400V 16A
4 x Schucko, 1-phase/230V 16A (fused)

The portable distribution box must be connected to a CEE socket with ExtensionCord(10m) (3-phase).

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