Art. 44-268
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  • Digital electronic timer, week and day programming
  • For mounting on DIN rails
  • Modern CMOS electronics and quartz clock
  • Advanced pre-setting one week at a time
  • Displays hours/minutes and ON/AUTO/OFF

Technical data
Voltage: 220 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Voltage range: 180-250 V
Magnetic friction: ≤ 2 sec/day (25 °C)
Number of on/off activations: 18 on/off
Power consumption: 7.5 V A (max.)
Display: LCD
Mechanical: 107
Electrical: 105
Shortest time interval: 1 minute
Weight: 150 g
Countdown: 1 sec – 99 min 59 sec
Pulse: 1 sec – 59 min 59 sec
Load resistance: 250 V, 16 A resistive load
250 V, 8 A inductive load
Switch: 1-time switch
Battery standby time: 3 years (Lithium)
Ambient temperature: -10 ~ +40 °C
Ambient humidity: 35 ~ 85% RH

You may replace electrical equipment such as cords, lamp holders and plugs in portable appliances and wall sockets, as well as switches in permanent installations if you know how to do so safely. Incorrect installation can cause fires and result in fatalities. Only licensed electricians may create new installations or extend existing installations (for example, permanent electrical equipment in walls or in ceilings) or replace electrical equipment in wet areas, such as bathrooms or outdoors.

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