Roof Cleaner

Art. 36-72090
Effectively removes dirt and other fouling. The injector automatically provides the correct dosage and connects directly to a garden hose. Manual dosage also possible (1 part Roof Cleaner to 5 parts water). Suitable for tile or concrete roofing and for corrugated iron. Concentrated, enough for 120–150 m² of roof. 2.5 l.

  • Shake the container, connect the hose to the injector and turn on the water.
  • Turn the knob clockwise. The injector will provide the correct dosage corresponding to the water pressure. If the contents empty too quickly, reduce the water pressure. For low water pressure, use the shortest hose possible.
  • To prevent spillage, spray sparingly several times. Do not spray so excessively that the liquid runs down the gutters.
  • Repeat the treatment process as required for heavily affected areas. Wait a few weeks.
  • Together with weather and wind, the treatment will clean the roof of fouling and prevent regrowth for a long time.

    • Manual Dosage
      1 part Roof Cleaner to 5 parts water.

    • NOTE!Do not use Roof Cleaner if there is a chance of rain within 24 hours after treatment. If the treatment rinses away too soon the effect will be lessened.

NOTE! Only use Roof Cleaner in calm wind conditions, to minimise the risk of splashing and contact with eyes, face or skin.

NOTE! Protect the surrounding vegetation. In the event of spillage, rinse liberally with water.

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