Leather Winter Work Gloves 369

Art. 38-2956

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Flexible and supple gloves with durable leather palm. Elastic spandex back. Excellent choice for both heavy work and precision work in dry environments. Open cuffs. Elasticised wrists. EN 388 and EN 511.

Technical data:
  • Material, back: Spandex
  • Material, palm: Pigskin Material, lining: 3M Thinsulate® C40
  • Material, elastic: Polyester
CE marking:
This product is CE marked in accordance with the directive on personal protective equipment, 89/686/EEC. It conforms to the directive's requirements for innocuousness, comfort and efficacy.

Certification: This product has been constructed and manufactured in accordance with the following standards:
  • EN 420:2003+A1:2009 – General requirements for protective gloves.
  • EN 388:2003 – Protective gloves against mechanical risks.
  • EN 511:2006 – Protective gloves against cold.
  • The product complies with the restriction rules in Annex XVII of the European REACH regulations.
A more detailed description of the gloves' performance level is shown below.

EN 388:2003 – Protective gloves against mechanical risks.
These gloves comply with EN 388, with a performance level according to the table.

Tested propertyLevel, glovesMax. level
Abrasion resistance a)34
Cut resistance b)15
Tear resistance c)14
Puncture resistance d)24
Protection level12345
Abrasion resistance a)10050020008000-
Cut resistance b)1,22,55,010,020,0
Tear resistance c)10255075-
Puncture resistance d)2060100150-
a) Number of sander rotations.
b) Resistance to rotating blades (index).
c) Test example torn in opposite directions (Newton).
d) Pressure applied to test example with sharp awl (Newton).

EN 511:2006 – Protective gloves against cold.
These gloves conform to the requirements for contact cold in accordance with EN 511:2006, with a performance level according to the table (X= property not tested).

Tested propertyLevel, glovesMax. level
Convection cold04
Contact cold14
Water penetration01
Protection level01234
Convection cold (I)I ≤ 0.100.10 ≤ I0.15 ≤ I0.22 ≤ I0.30 ≤ I
Contact cold (R)R ≤ 0.0250.025 ≤ R0.050 ≤ R0.100 ≤ R0.150 ≤ R
Water penetrationPenetrationNo penetration  

Safety Information: The gloves protect against physical and mechanical stress, and against cold. The protection levels are applicable to the palm of a new, unwashed and non-modified glove. Tested in accordance with the relevant standards. The gloves must not:
  • Come into contact with fire.
  • Be used when there is

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