14,90 / L

Chlorine cleaner

Art. 36-5901
Chlorine cleaner is a powerful cleaner and strongly bleaching. Citrus scented. 1 l.
Chlorine cleaner is used for cleaning of, for example, sanitary porcelain, floors, outdoor furniture, duckboards and tarpaulins. Dosage: Mix 100 ml Chlorine cleaner with 2 litres of water. Rinse with water.
Chlorine cleaner can also be used for bleaching certain types of textiles - but not nylon or silk. Dosage: Mix 250 ml Chlorine cleaner with 20 litres of water. Allow the textile to lie in the mixture for 1–3 hours and then machine-wash it. Mix 100 ml Chlorine cleaner with 1 litre of water and pour into the machine, either during the pre-wash or rinse programme.
Chlorine cleaner must not be mixed with any other product, as hazardous chlorine gas can result.

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