39,87 / L

Oven and grill cleaning

Art. 36-0128
For cleaning of oven and grill racks. Efficiently removes grease, soot and burnt-on coatings. 750 ml.

Instructions: Spray the product on the burnt surface several times. Allow to work for 5 minutes. Then clean using a sponge or a rag. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry carefully. Not intended for use on sensitive surfaces such as those that are painted or made of aluminium or copper (including alloys). Do not use on warm doors on fireplaces. Prior to use, test the product on a non-intrusive area. Use the machine only for its intended use. Refer to the manual for the product to be cleaned. Read the sticker before use. Use protective gloves. Avoid inhalation of the spray. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

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