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Oil filter MC

Art. 82-237

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Modern efficient MC engines place high demands on the engine oil. Even if you use an engine oil of the best and highest quality, the oil will still not be able to perform optimally if it is not constantly cleaned with the aid of an oil filter (the heart of the engine). Biltema's oil filter for MC is of a very high quality (original quality), with the filter element in high-quality special paper, which means that the oil receives its proper lubrication property, at the same time as the filter continually cleans the oil from undesired particles such as dirt, metal residue, soot, etc., so that only pure oil remains on the engine's lubrication and bearing locations. Consequently proper functionality and long service life of the engine are guaranteed. A good oil filter is the absolute cheapest form of insurance for the MC engine's service life. Biltema's oil filter range for MC covers both complete "Spin-On" filters and insert filters. As the filters are of the OEM type this means, for example, that certain Spin-On filters are fitted with return valves and that O-rings for oil filter caps are supplied as required in cases of insert filters.



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