Biltema’s solar cell project is in full swing!

Biltema’s solar cell project is in full swing!

The installation of solar cells is the company's most profitable investment, while also taking important steps towards sustainability.

Biltema’s project to install solar cells on warehouses and retail stores is well underway. The goal is to install 1 million square meters of solar cells. Currently, 30 stores are already equipped and connected. Each week, an additional 4-5 stores and warehouses are installed.

Thanks to each completed installation, we can significantly reduce our electricity costs. This allows us to continue to keep our prices as low as possible and continue to offer high-quality products at low prices.

Our warehouses are equipped with geothermal heating, and all have LED lighting. This contributes to us approaching the goal of becoming self-sufficient in electricity. Through these initiatives, we are working towards becoming climate neutral.

“This project is proof that profitability and sustainability can go hand in hand!” says Adelina Voci from Biltema.