Biltema's environmentally friendly buildings

Biltema's environmentally friendly buildings

Biltema is constantly building new department stores and will increase the pace of this new construction. Always with the environment and sustainability as guiding stars.

Building carefully, carefully and cost-effectively requires builders of the highest class. That's why Biltema collaborates with local construction companies with craftsmen of the highest quality, who can handle such complex constructions as a new, large Biltema department store.

The choice of building materials is made carefully, only long-term sustainable materials are chosen, which results in reduced maintenance and renovation.

"Tröga hus"

Biltema builds so-called "Tröga hus". Special concrete is thus used for both walls and ceilings. In this way, weather changes indoors are not noticeable, which creates a pleasant climate for both customers and all employees. In addition to that, an extra thick layer of insulation is also laid on the roof.

It helps the department stores not to react to changes in the weather and is good in terms of fire safety. The concrete walls also break down the car's exhaust gases. In addition, the concrete can stay clean because the material breaks down algae, moss, dirt and graffiti. For the floor of the Biltema department stores, granite is used, a natural material that should only be cleaned with a rotating brush and clean water. This means that no chemicals are needed.


The lighting is presence controlled. This means that the lighting is only on when someone is in the room. LED is used as light source. Thanks to this, hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours have been saved. The department store's windows are self-cleaning.

This reduces the need to wash them. And reduces the use of chemicals. Biltema continues to constantly find new, smart solutions to streamline the construction of new department stores, together with talented construction companies. In this way, we get even nicer, environmentally smarter and more sustainable department stores.

Solar panels

In 2022, Biltema began its largest environmental investment in the group's history. In order to secure access to energy and ultimately become self-sufficient, Biltema invests in installing solar cells on all its properties.

In addition to supplying our warehouses and warehouses with energy, any surplus during the summer months will be sold back, thus contributing to more renewable energy on the market.