Our focus areas

Our focus areas

The purpose of Biltema Foundation is to contribute to a better world by supporting projects in research, health and education. The Foundation is also ready to provide support when a disaster strikes a country, a region or a population. Here you can read more about the different focus areas that the foundation has chosen to work with.


Every year, tens of thousands of people in Sweden are diagnosed with cancer, but thanks to research, more and more people survive. Biltema Foundation's ambition is to help cancer research take new steps forward. The foundation therefore supports the AGORA Translational Cancer Research Center in Lusanne, Switzerland. AGORA was established with the vision that interdisciplinary working groups consisting of biochemists, doctors and researchers, with the help of their combined knowledge and experience, could make great progress in cancer research. The result is a research center located adjacent to the hospital where cancer patients are treated. The center is designed to encourage interaction and collaboration to breed new ideas and innovations.


Giving more people, both children and adults, access to healthcare is one of Biltema Foundation’s aims. The projects that receive support are selected with care so that the help reaches as many people as possible. In 2020, a donation was made to the organization Kids OR, which works to provide safe surgical care for children. The donation was used to build the world's first operating room dedicated to children in refugee camps, which was built in Kakuma Camp in Kenya in 2021.


The basis of a society's development and well-being is access to education for its inhabitants, and therefore the Biltema Foundation wants to help children to better learning. The Children's Mission is an organization that is active in 15 different countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Through the work of the Children’s Mission, Biltema Foundation supports schools in Manila, Philippines. The support is used to contribute to staff costs, maintenance of premises and schoolyards, but also to school materials such as pads, pencils and textbooks.


When a natural disaster suddenly strikes a country or a war shakes an entire population, the world needs to step up and help. Biltema Foundation assists with financial support to organizations located on site to help in the affected areas. In 2020, Biltema Foundation donated to the children's rights organization Save the Children to support their work in war-torn Yemen. The same year, Australia was hit by extensive forest fires. The organization Humane Society International, which was on site to save wildlife, received a donation from Biltema Foundation to be able to continue their work.