Meet Toni - Order Manager in Finland

Meet Toni - Order Manager in Finland

Name: Toni Nyström

Position: Order Manager, Biltema Finland, Helsinki

When did you first come to work at Biltema and for what position?

I came to Biltema in January 2019 to work as a salesperson, although at that time the work was quite heavily focused on assembling and repairing bicycles. At some point, I was asked if I was willing to move to the job of order manager, which I moved to and where I have been working for a good couple of years now.

What kind of positions did you work in before?

Before coming to Biltema, I have been on the Groceries side, e.g. as a store manager, sold cars and household appliances and was an entrepreneur in the Kotipizza chain.

Why did you apply to work at Biltema?

I had thought of switching to a more technical field, and when the position of a bicycle salesman was open at Biltema, I decided to apply for it.

What do you remember from the early days?

In the beginning, there was quite a bit of learning new things when you had to learn new systems and products. However, the then store manager Nana and the store manager Maiju were a great help in the beginning, and the rest of the staff was also a great help in the beginning.

What does your normal working day consist of?

A normal working day starts with me opening the machine and reading e-mails related to, for example, the next week's loads and products. In addition to this, the work list also includes organizing the warehouse with the warehouseman, receiving and checking in loads, and checking and inventorying balances.

How have you been supported in your work?

I have always received support from the store manager and the store manager when necessary, e.g. when placing orders.

What do you like most about working at Biltema?

Work at Biltema has been pleasant and independent, regardless of the job. Good colleagues are the best, especially in the middle of a rush.

Why do you think it's worth applying for a job at Biltema?

Working at Biltema is nice, especially if you like customer service and are interested in technical products and the trade sector anyway. Unlike the grocery store, the work is significantly more versatile and varied.