Oil Sensor Adapter

Art. 32-2005

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Adapter for both oil pressure and oil temperature sensors Supplied with three different-sized nipples with 3/4"–16, M20–1.5 and M18–1.5 threads, which allow for installation in most cars. Blind plugs included for connection holes that are not used. The thread in the connection holes is 1/8" NPT (standard for sensors).Instructions:
  • Unscrew the original 'spin-on' oil filter.
  • Then screw in the adapter in place of the oil filter.
  • NOTE: The rubber gasket/O-ring must be next to the engine.
  • Finally, screw the oil filter on top of the adapter.
  • NOTE: The oil filter's rubber gasket must NOT have an external diameter greater than Ø 78 mm and must NOT have an internal diameter less than Ø 56 mm.
  • Install the selected sensor.
  • The connection holes on the adapter that are not used must be 'sealed' with the supplied blind plugs.
  • DO NOT start the engine before the sensor or blind plugs are screwed into all four of the adapters connection holes.
  • Test start the engine! Check for any oil leakage.

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