Buying guide for car touch up paint – protect and repair the car's paintwork with touch up paint

Car paint can be used to repair damage to the paintwork. For example, you can use touch up paint to repair scratches in the car paint. It can also be done to avoid a stone shot leading to greater damage to your car. Below we go through what you should consider when buying touch up paint for the car.

Cheap touch up paint that repairs minor paint damage

There are essentially two types of car paints to choose from when you want to repair the paintwork:

  • Touch up paint
  • Scratch repair pens (paint pens).

A scratch repair pen is a paint pen for the car that you can easily use to repair paint damage caused by stone chips. Touch up paint in a spray can gives the best end result if you first prime with a primer.

With the help of these products, you can repair minor paint damage without having to repaint all the bodywork.

Frequently asked questions about Car paint

What is car paint?

Car paint is the name for the paint used on a car’s bodywork.

What car colour is most popular?

The most popular car colour in the world is white. Even in Sweden, white has been the most popular colour for cars for a few years.

What does car paint cost?

Car paint costs around one hundred kronor. However, the paint can cost both more and less depending on what kind of paint you want.