Paint spray ES 350

Art.. 17-449
Low-pressure spray with stepless flow regulation for spray-painting of water and solvent-based paints and lacquers, timber protection, car chassis rust protection, gardening pesticides & protection liquids and engine washing. Supplied with DIN cup, extra nozzle 1.8 mm and 700 ml vessel.

A low-pressure spray works using a large amount of heated air under low pressure that reduces the paint to fine particles. This means that almost now paint cloud forms, it reduces both the drying time and the risk of paint running. Paint spillage is less than for a traditional paint spray.

The low-pressure spray is not intended for:
  • wall paints (emulsion paints) which are produced for application by brush or roller
  • whitewash products, fire protection paint and certain types of metallic paints
  • alkaline or acid-based paints
  • flammable paints or substances that have a flashpoint of less than 55°C.
Art. no. 17-449
Model designation: Paint spray ES 350
Voltage / frequency: 230 V/50 Hz
Effect: 350 W
Max. flow:
With 2.6 mm nozzle: 800 ml/min
With 1.8 mm nozzle: 400 ml/min
Volume, vessel: 700 ml
Max viscosity: 60 din/s
Nozzles: 1.8 mm and 2.6 mm
Insulation class: Class II
Protection class: IP X0
Measurement method for sound pressure LPA: EN ISO 3744
Measured sound pressure LPA: 76.13 dB(A)
Deviation K: 3.0 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound pressure LPA: 79 dB(A)
Measurement method for sound effect LWA: EN ISO 3744
Measured sound effect LWA: 87.13 dB(A)
Deviation K: 3.0 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound effect LWA: 90 dB(A)
Measurement method for vibrations: EN 60745-1 Vibrations: < 2.5 m/s2 Deviation: 1.5 m/s² Electrical cable: 3.0 m Weight: 1.4 kg Dimensions: 27 x 10 x 25 cm