Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the idea and story behind Biltema?
    <p>Today, Biltema offers a wide range of article for the whole family in the fields of Car Spares/Accessories, Motorcycles, Tools, Chemicals, Construction, Boating, Leisure, Home and Office &amp; Technology. In total Biltema carries a range of over 18 000 articles. Our vision is to make it financially easier for people to own a car, boat, home, tools, and leisure articles of high quality, and in doing so, to enrich everyone's spare time.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  2. How can Biltema keep such low prices?
    <p>Biltema does not use any middlemen that push up the prices when the products are bought in. Instead, Biltema enters into agreement directly with the producers of the goods. Subsequently we are able to offer good quality products at a very competitive price.</p>
  3. Who manufactures Biltema's products?
    <p>As our products are sold under the Biltema brand, this implies that we are in legal terms also their manufacturer.</p>
  4. How do you work to ensure the products' quality?
    <p>Biltema always strives to offer high-quality products. The simple reasoning behind this is that poor quality is expensive in the long run. We define good quality as the product being faultless and meeting the customer's expectations. For certain product areas, such as tools, there are clearly defined levels of quality. The one level, that is characterised by the fact that the products have a ten-year guarantee, are primarily directed at qualified users who use the tools professionally. The price of these tools is very competitive in relation to the product quality. The second level is directed towards those who want good tools but who don not use them on a daily basis, which is why they prefer a significantly lower price.</p> <p>The fact that Biltema's products maintain the right level of quality is something that is tested in many different ways. Tests, analyses and functional inspections take place both before Biltema adopts a product and on an on-going basis during the time in which the product remains in the range. Biltema carries out its own quality control on delivery from the manufacturer, ranging from random sampling to inspection of complete deliveries before they are packaged and distributed to Biltema's warehouse.</p> <p>The products have a very small error margin. Biltema's goal is to achieve a claim percentage, (the value of the products that Biltema recall due to a fault in the product, as a share of the total sales), that does not exceed 0.5 %. Biltema currently has an average claim percentage of less than 0.6 %. This is a very good level, but is still slightly wide of our target.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  5. How can Biltema guarantee accessibility of the products?
    <p style="margin-top: 0cm;"><span lang="EN-GB">In order to be able to offer more good quality products at the lowest possible price, we purchase them directly from manufacturers all over the world. Delivery times can sometimes be very long. Even if we do our utmost to get goods to our warehouse, it is difficult to estimate the demand, or to predict delayed deliveries, which sometimes cause certain articles to sell out. Consequently we have to make reservations for why our goods sometimes are not available when customers ask for them.</span></p>
  6. Can I order products from Biltema through post order or the website?
    <p>With our service Buy &amp; Collect you can shop online and pick up your items at your nearest store, packed and ready to take home. You can also choose to have your products delivered to your car by our staff.</p>
  7. How can I get hold of Biltema's catalogue?
    <p>&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-top: 0cm;"><span lang="EN-GB">One of the foremost means of marketing Biltema is through the catalogue. The catalogue is printed twice yearly and is distributed to all households within the catchment areas of our stores. In total more than 14 million catalogues are printed annually. We distribute catalogues at trade fairs, meets and different events, and you can of course pick up a copy at your store. The catalogue is also available in an <a href="">online-version</a>.</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  8. How does Biltema see working conditions and ethics?
    <p style="margin-top: 0cm;"><span lang="EN-GB">We at Biltema see it as very important that the business complies with legislation and regulatory means in all stages. This is why we set the following demands of our collaboration partners. Biltema checks that these regulations are followed by making planned and spontaneous visits to our suppliers, and we demand that our suppliers make their own inspection visits to their sub-suppliers.</span></p> <ul type="disc"> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; line-height: normal; mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list 36.0pt;"><span lang="EN-GB">All suppliers and producers must live up to the social rights and legislature prevalent in each respective country.</span></li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; line-height: normal; mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list 36.0pt;"><span lang="EN-GB">National working conditions such as minimum wages, maximum working hours and safety standards must be strictly adhered to.</span></li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; line-height: normal; mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list 36.0pt;"><span lang="EN-GB">Child labour may under no circumstances occur, and current minimum ages for employees must be strictly enforced.</span></li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; line-height: normal; mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list 36.0pt;"><span lang="EN-GB">Gifts and other benefits may not be taken from suppliers or collaboration partners.</span></li> <li class="MsoNormal" style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; line-height: normal; mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list 36.0pt;"><span lang="EN-GB">All suppliers shall be informed of our demands and requirements, and have to in writing agree to comply with these.</span></li> </ul>
  9. How does Biltema work with charitable organisations?
    <p>Biltema carefully supports selected <a href="/link/f3601be2f1844162a846c8e36a50f2c3.aspx">charity projects</a> that contribute to positive societal development in other parts of the world.</p>
  10. Where can I find Biltema?
    <p>Biltema currently has stores at more than 100 locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Several new stores are planned for opening over the next few years. Find information and opening hours for your local store <a href="/link/d1a4efda3f7d461e8a6370e5e3dd1408.aspx">here</a>.</p>
  11. What cards and currency can I pay with?
    <p>In our store we accept Swedish, Norwegian and Danish crowns as well as Euros. You can use Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Maestro if you haven't already got our advantageous Biltema card.</p>
  12. What should I keep in mind when buying car spares?
    <p>Keep in mind that when buying car spares there can be several alternatives for your particular car than we carry in our range.&nbsp; It is important that before assembly/fitting or dismantling parts, you compare the new product with the one being replaced - before fitting and using the replacement part. If your car is a private import or altered vehicle it may deviate from our recommendations. Note that many products must be fitted by a professional mechanic. So do not fit something yourself unless you are sure what to do and how to do it.</p>
  13. I want to buy a bicycle that is fully assembled, what does it cost?
    <p>All of our stores offer full assembly of bicycles at the following prices:&nbsp;</p> <p>&bull; Up to 20": SEK 150<br />&bull; From 24" and upwards: SEK 250</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  14. Bicycle insurance included! What does this mean?
    <p>To avoid having to pay unnecessarily if your bicycle gets stolen we give you a bicycle insurance when you buy a bicycle from us along with an approved lock. Through the insurance, which is completely separate from your home insurance, you get a new bicycle - without any excess amount or deduction for age or wear-and-tear (so-called depreciation). The insurance covers all bicycles from SEK 990 sold by Biltema.&nbsp;<a href="/link/d74ee9e604ed4e1ba02cd0763ccd106d.aspx">Read more here</a>.</p>
  15. How does the Biltema Card work?
    <p>The Biltema Card is for those who want to make purchases when they want and pay when it suits them. Using the Biltema Card enables you to in peace and quiet choose the payment alternative that suits you best! Our card make it easier to make purchases and the manage payment from home at the rate of your choice. Read more about our card and how to apply <a href="/link/25b3c7d04fa949828cf6469632d62ec4.aspx">here</a>.</p>
  16. Payment solution for businesses, how does that work?
    <p>As a company you can apply to be set up as a corporate customer with us. Please complete the <a href="">application</a> and follow the instructions therein to start the application process. If your application is approved you will automatically get a credit of SEK 5 000 and payment terms of 14 days.</p>
  17. Information about gift cards
    <p>Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of activation (info on the reverse of the card). Lost or damaged cards are not replaced. Once the validity date has been passed the card ceases to be valid and cannot be extended.</p>
  18. What guarantees do Biltema offer for the goods?
    <p>We offer a one-year guarantee for the goods in our range with the exception of consumables such as torch batteries, light bulbs and wear-and-tear articles, for which we offer a 6-month guarantee. A number of products have 3, 4, 5 or 10 years' guarantee - these products are endorsed with a special guarantee symbol.</p> <p>The guarantee time is calculated from the original date of purchase on production of a till receipt. If goods break during the guarantee period due to a manufacturing or material fault, we will repair or replace them. If the goods are no longer in our range Biltema will offer a suitable replacement article. It is Biltema that decides what is a suitable replacement article.</p> <p>In other circumstances we follow the Consumer Goods Act regulations and the area of application. Biltema is not responsible for any loss to business activities. The till receipt applies as proof of guarantee.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  19. What do I do if I want to return a product?
    <p style="margin-top: 0cm;"><span lang="EN-GB">When making purchases at Biltema you have 30 days' free return of goods which means that you can get your money back when your return the goods to Biltema. You can return purchases to any Biltema store.</span></p>
  20. What do I do if I change my mind after purchasing or if I want to change the product?
    <p>Get in touch straight away with the customer service department at your nearest store. NOTE! Don't forget to take your till receipt with you. The goods are exchanged or re-purchased if the following conditions are met:</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;The goods are unused, i.e. not destroyed or damaged.<br />&bull; The original packaging is undamaged and the seal is not broken. Repurchase of oils, chemicals and other products that do not have a seal are not accepted.<br />&bull; A receipt can be presented.<br />&bull; The exchenge or repurchase must be made within 30 days of the date of purchase.<br />&bull; Discounted sale goods are not repurchased.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  21. How do I make a claim?
    <p style="margin-top: 0cm;"><span lang="EN-GB">Take the goods and the receipt with you to your nearest store. If this involves extra difficulty for you to visit your nearest store with your claiclaimm case, we recommend that you first get in touch with your store on telephone number 077-520 00 00. Have the product and receipt ready.</span></p> <p style="margin-top: 0cm;"><span lang="EN-GB">If your claim application is unsuccessful, but you assert that the decision is wrong, we refer you to file a case with Allm&auml;nna reklamationsn&auml;mnden, the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN).<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp;</span>(<a href=""></a>) Box 174, 10123 Stockholm. Amongst other matters, ARN makes independent rulings in claim cases. Biltema's policy is to always cooperate in any disputes with ARN.</span></p>
  22. When can I get in touch with Customer Service?
    <p>At Biltema's central customer service department there are dedicated service personnel ready to do everything to help you as a customer with product support. We are staffed on non-holiday workdays 08.00-17.00.</p>
  23. Are your products independently tested?
    <p>Our products are often tested by independent parties and the results are published in different media. <a href="/link/1e191627fef04ab98bfa581a68295353.aspx">Here</a> are all the tests carried out on our products.</p>
  24. I have more questions, how can I get in touch with you in the easiest way?
    <p>You can reach us via <a href=""></a> or telephone <strong>077-520 00 00</strong> during our opening hours.</p>
  25. How can I see if an article is in stock?
    <p>To the right of the articles on our website there is a blue plus sign where you can add the articles to a printable shopping list. Add the article to the shopping list and go to the list in the top right corner. By selecting the store that you intend to visit you will find out where in the store the product can be found, as well as the stock forecast and shelf location. Our stock forecast is to be seen as only an indication of availability. Contact our customer service department if you need a large number of any particular article.</p>
  26. Which mobile phone operation systems support the Biltema app?
    <p>Our Biltema app is currently available for iOS and Android operating systems.</p>
  27. What does the further development of the Biltema app look like?
    <p>Our app currently supports searching for car spares with the aid of a Swedish registration number and free text searching over the entire range. New functions are being evaluated and we will be further developing the apps based on our customers' wishes and demands.</p>