Frequently asked questions about our gift cards

Here we have collected the most common questions about our gift cards.
If you do not find the answer to your question, you are always welcome to contact Biltema's customer service.

  1. Can I use the gift card when I shop through Pay & Collect?
    <p>No, as for now you can not pay with the gift card when you shop through Pay &amp; Collect.</p>
  2. What about the return of goods I have bought with the gift card?
    <p>Returns of goods purchased with a gift card are handled in the same way as for a return of a regular purchase. Visit your nearest department store and show the cash receipt in the customer service department.</p> <p>The goods are exchanged or repurchased if the following conditions are met:</p> <ul> <li>The product is unused i.e. not destroyed or damaged.</li> <li>The original packaging is undamaged and the seal is not broken. Oils, chemicals and other products that do not have a seal can not be returned.</li> <li>The cash receipt is presented.</li> <li>The exchange or repurchase takes place within 30 days from the date of purchase.</li> <li>Goods that were bought on sale are not repurchased.</li> </ul>
  3. I regret the purchase of gift cards, what do I do?
    <p>The right of withdrawal of a digital gift card is valid for 14 days from delivery of the gift card. You have the right of withdrawal only if the gift card has not been used. When exercising the right of withdrawal for our gift cards, please contact Biltema customer service.</p>
  4. The digital gift card was not delivered, what could have happened?
    <p>The customer is responsible for ensuring that information, such as mobile phone numbers, is filled in correctly when purchasing a gift card. If the digital gift card cannot be delivered due to incorrectly entered mobile number, the purchase will be credited.</p>
  5. Can you load the gift card with more money or do you have to buy a new one?
    <p>It is not possible to insert more money on a gift card, in which case you will have to buy a new one. The gift card can be used for an unlimited number of purchases, as long as there is money on the card.</p>
  6. Can you buy everything with a gift card?
    <p>Yes you can buy all our goods with a gift card.</p>
  7. The validity period on the card has expired but I have money left on the card. Can I still pay with the card?
    <p>No, you can not. Money that is left on the card after the validity period has expired is unfortunately no longer possible to shop.</p>
  8. Can you pay part of the sum for a purchase with the gift card?
    <p>Yes, one or more gift cards can be used for partial payment together with other payment options.</p>
  9. Is the card linked to a person?
    <p>No, the gift card is not linked to a specific person.</p>