Christmas decorations outdoors

It's not just indoors that you can use Christmas decorations. It’s becoming increasingly popular to also decorate your garden, balcony or patio with Christmas decorations.
Here you will find the Christmas decorations that will help you create a proper Christmas atmosphere - outdoors too.

Christmas out in the garden

Decorate your garden with cheerful Christmas decorations that will make you, your neighbours and passers-by smile once more and be reminded of the upcoming holiday. Dress your driveway or garden path with Christmas decorations. You can also create your own little Christmas world out on the balcony with the aid of Christmas decorations. Maybe you have a greenhouse or an orangery? Congratulations, we say! It’s a perfect opportunity to create your own Christmas landscape with decorative lanterns, Santas and other suitable Christmas decorations.

There is nothing to stop you from creating a Christmas feel throughout your home, both indoors and outdoors, and we have the Christmas decorations to help you! 

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Inspiration for the Christmas decorations

We have gathered inspiration for how to decorate your home and garden. Check out our tips on how to create a Christmassy home.

Christmas decorations with Biltema