Buying guide for dog accessories - practical and functional accessories for your furry friend

When buying accessories for your dog, you should always take into consideration your dog's size, age and needs. Some dogs have a greater need for stimulation and exercise, so you may need to purchase more dog toys and boredom breakers. In our range of dog accessories, you will find a solid base range for you and your dog, all with a focus on the needs of your dog.  

Dog crates 

When transporting your dog, it is important that you do it safely. You do this by keeping an eye on and transporting the dog so that it is secured in the event of braking, by, among other things, using a dog crate. If you transport the dog in a dog crate, it should be large enough so that the dog has sufficient space, shade and good ventilation. Also make sure that luggage or other objects cannot fall on to the dog.  

Dog beds 

Pamper your dog with a really nice and cozy dog bed. When buying a dog bed, it is important that you buy the right size for your dog. Measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail and then add about 25 cm, you will then have the required dimensions for your dog bed.  

In our range you will find different dog beds and dog blankets that your dog is guaranteed to love. You will also find an effective cooling mat for your dog, which will help the dog regulate their temperature on hot days or after sweaty play and hunting.  

Dog food and dog treats 

Which dog food you should buy for your four-legged friend depends on the dog's breed, size and age. During the dog's first year, you should change the food more often because the dog grows quickly and needs different types of nutrition in the different stages of growth. At Biltema you will find tasty and nutritious dry food, which also strengthens the dog's teeth and has a long shelf life. 

In our range of dog food you will also find tasty dog treats, which are great to give your dog when it has been good and deserves a little extra reward.  

A good investment for your dog's oral health is to buy chew sticks, which clean the dog's teeth and gums while preventing tartar and plaque. The chew sticks at Biltema have a good taste that all dogs like.  

Dog collar and lead 

Buy a practical, adjustable and comfortable dog collar for your dog from us. In our range you will find dog collars in different materials and colours. You will also find a practical LED light that you attach to the dog collar, so that your dog is visible when you are out in the dark.  

For the dog collars, it may be necessary to buy a lead for your walks. Or maybe you want to buy a harness instead?  
When choosing a lead, you need to take a few things into account. Think about which environments you will use the lead in, the size of your dog, what material you and your dog like best and whether you want a retractable lead or one that is fixed and allows less free movement? 

In our range you will find the perfect lead and harness for you and your dog. You can also buy a tracking line if you and your dog are usually out tracking when hunting. 

Dog toys 

Dogs need stimulation and exercise, long walks are not always enough. Therefore, get fun dog toys that stimulate the dog such as, for example, a stimulation ball that you fill with treats and then let the dog work at with their nose and paws to open. In our range of dog toys you will also find toys for tug of war, toys that make a noise, and floating toys for playing in water.  

Do not forget that all play should take place under the supervision of the dog owner! Also, check your dog toys regularly and replace them if they are damaged.    

Dog food bowls 

All dogs, of course, need to eat, so a dog food bowl is a must in a dog owner's home. With us you will find food bowls made from metal, ceramic or plant fibre. We also have smart food bowls with raised areas in them, which results in your dog not being able to binge eat their food too quickly. We also have practical mats for the food bowls that prevent the food bowl from sliding on the floor and make it easier to keep the area around the food bowl clean.  

Dog equipment 

When you and your dog are out for walks, it is always good to bring dog poo bags with you. Depending on the size of the dog and the weather conditions, it may also be a good idea to dress the dog in a raincoat or a warming dog jacket. In our range of dog equipment you will also find panniers for hunting and hiking. They have spacious storage pockets with buckles, so they can be practically attached to your dog.  


Make sure that you and your dog are properly visible when you are out for walks at dusk and in the dark. Get a reflective collar for your dog in order to increase your safety. You can also buy a reflective vest for your dog, which is easily fastened with Velcro and which significantly increases your dog's visibility.  

And do not forget to wear something with reflectors yourself when you are out walking in the dark!  

Dog grooming  

It is important to take care of your dog's coat and claws, in order for the dog to stay healthy. How often your dog needs to be washed depends on the type of coat they have and, of course, how dirty your dog is. Use lukewarm water and specially designed dog shampoos when you are going to wash your dog. In our range you will also find different types of carders that brush your dog while at the same time giving them a nice massage. You will also find cordless hair clippers with an adjustable cutting length and claw clippers with easy to hold handles.  

Frequently asked questions about dog accessories

Can I transport my dog in a car?

You may only transport your dog if it is appropriate and your dog is not injured or sick. It is important that you have enough space in the car for your dog, and that you can keep an eye on it. During transport, the dog needs water and walks every 6 hours, so plan your drive well. 

How often should I wash my dog?

It depends on the type of coat they have. With short-haired dogs, it may be enough for you to wash them twice a year, while long-haired dogs may need a wash every three months. Of course, you will need to wash your dog if it gets extra dirty after a muddy walk or similar.  

How often should I go out with my dog?

You should walk your dog at least once every 6 hours during the day. All dogs need daily exercise, regardless of breed. However, puppies and older dogs should be walked more often.