Buying guide for horse accessories – everything for you and your horse

Here you will find a solid and quality basic range for horses, riders and stables. Our equestrian products are carefully selected and meet high demands for function and quality, in order that you can ride safely and securely.  What equipment do you need for your horse? What do you need to consider when buying equestrian equipment? In this buyer's guide, we present our range and what you need in terms of equipment for your horse. 

Horse care 

Horse care is a broad term but includes everything within coat care, hoof care, exercise for the horse as well as care of the stable and horse paddock. Some horse care needs to be carried out daily, while other things can be done every few days.  


Grooming of the horse is often included in the daily horse care and is carried out with a dense brush. Grooming is done to keep the horse and its coat clean of dried dirt and sweat, and can also be comfortable for the horse and remove excess hair when the horse moults.  

In our range you will find different types of brushes for grooming such as a coarse brush, rubber shedding brush or a root brush. Do not forget to buy a handy bag to store your grooming brushes in.  

Horse equipment 

Having the right and quality horse equipment is important for you as a rider, the horse and for a functioning everyday life in the stable. At Biltema you will find hoof boots, halters, horse blankets, saddle pads, neoprene boots and salt licks. For you and your horse's safety, you can also buy halters, riding blankets and neoprene boots in reflective material, so that you are properly visible if you are out riding in the dark.  

Equestrian equipment 

To reduce the risk of injury while riding, all riders should ensure that all their equestrian equipment is intact. It is important that your riding helmet and safety vest are approved according to the EU rules for CE marking. In our range you will find a safety vest made from comfortable material, which moulds to the body. It is CE approved and BETA 2009 Level 3 marked.  

Other equestrian equipment that it is good to have includes a riding whip and spurs, riding boots, jodhpurs and riding gloves. Do not forget to clean your riding equipment every time you use it, in this way it will last longer and be more comfortable for both you and your horse. 

Stable equipment 

Owning a horse is so much more than just riding, it also means many and long hours at the stable. Horses need to be groomed and their hooves looked after. Then the stall and the entire stable must be kept clean and tidy, which requires the right stable equipment.  

Quality stable equipment that you can buy at Biltema:  

  • Shovel 
  • Buckets 
  • Hay fork 
  • Feeding manger 
  • Stable bolt 
  • Saddle hanger 
  • Brooms 
  • Whip hangers 
  • Salt lick holder 
  • Hay net 

Metal fencing  

We have a complete range of products for you to build your own fence around the horse paddock. In order for your fence to be safe, you need to adjust the height of the fence according to the height of the horses to be fenced.  You also need to have at least two wire heights with electrical fence tape or twine and place the fence posts 4–5 metres apart.  

In our range you will find, among other things:  

  • Poles 
  • Electric fence twine and tape 
  • Electric fencing twine 
  • Gate handle 
  • Joint connector 
  • Electric fence tester 
  • Insulators 
  • Warning signs 

Frequently asked question about horses

What equestrian equipment do I need?

A riding helmet and safety vest are always important to wear when riding. Other items of equestrian equipment that are good to have are riding boots, jodhpurs, riding gloves, spurs and a whip.

What horse accessories do I need?

The most important basic equipment for you and your horse is a saddle, saddle pad, halter and lead rope, bridle, equipment for horse care, blanket and possibly leg protection.

What equipment is good to have in the stable?

It is good to have a shovel, hay fork and broom. It is also good to have buckets, different hangers for the saddle and whips and a holder for the salt lick.  

Do I need to have warning signs for my electric fence?

By law, it is required that there are clearly visible warning signs by all electric fences erected in the vicinity of public roads or paths.