Buying guide for trampolines – keep this in mind when comparing trampolines 

With a trampoline from Biltema, the whole family can bounce and have fun. But how big a trampoline should you actually buy and what do you need to consider when you make your purchase? In this buying guide, we will walk you through what you should consider when comparing our different trampolines. 

Buy a large enough trampoline 

When buying a trampoline, you should first make sure that you have room for one. Trampolines are quite large objects that require plenty of space. To begin with, you should have a few metres of free area above your head so you do not hit anything when bouncing. In addition, the trampoline should be located at least two metres from bushes, buildings and fences. 

Exactly how much space is required depends on how large a trampoline you want to buy. At Biltema you will find trampolines in several different sizes. It is also important that the trampoline stands on a flat surface, preferably on grass. Hard surfaces can be stressful for the frame and over time risk damaging it. You should also never place objects under the trampoline. 

Another important factor to keep in mind when buying a trampoline is the weight limit. Always check the maximum limit of the trampoline before buying it in order to ensure that it meets your needs. Information about the maximum load can be found in the technical specification. 
Keep in mind that the load is the combined weight of all users bouncing at the same time.  

Useful and good accessories for the trampoline 

A good trampoline is large enough and sturdy enough for your intended use. To make it more useful and user-friendly, you can supplement the trampoline with accessories of various types. 

The Swedish Consumer Agency recommends that trampolines are only sold together with safety nets. Therefore, safety nets are always included when buying a trampoline from Biltema. You can also choose to buy a ladder for the trampoline. We also stock extra safety nets and edge protection if required. 

Frequently asked questions about trampolines

How is a trampoline measured? 

The size of a trampoline is measured from the outer side of the steel frame and straight across the middle to the other outer side. 

How big a trampoline should I buy? 

The larger the trampoline you buy, the more space the jumper gets to move around. It is a good idea to have enough space to locate the trampoline with a distance of at least 2 metres between it and any solid objects.  

How many people are allowed to jump on a trampoline?  

Always check the trampoline's maximum load before jumping, it is crucial. The maximum load is the combined weight of all people bouncing at the same time.  

Does a trampoline have to have a safety net? 

All trampolines larger than 1.5 metres in diameter must always be equipped with a safety net. 


How should I store my trampoline in winter?  

When winter comes, it is better for the trampoline if it is dismantled and stored indoors.

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