Children's room - with room for creativity

Children's room - with room for creativity

Painting, drawing and being allowed to create small works of art unhindered and unconditionally is both stimulating and fun. Let the children discover and develop their creativity! By letting crayons, chalks and brushes take up space in the interior, creativity also becomes a natural part of everyday life.

Cardboard kits

A cardboard kit can be painted in all the colors of the rainbow, but why stop there? Maybe the parrot has glittery wings or sequins on its beak. The kits are delivered as flat packaging and can then be colored and assembled using the assembly instructions on the back.


Self-adhesive drawing paper

Just as important as having access to crayons and pencils is having good paper to draw on. A large drawing paper on a roll limits less than A4 sheets, and in addition the paper is easily self-adhesive so that it does not slip around or wrinkle when drawn or painted on. Hang your favorite drawings on the wall so they can be viewed by family members or friends!

Tip! Extra thick crayons are easier for smaller hands to hold, and the risk of them breaking or breaking is less.