Finally Christmas break - what can you do during the Christmas break?

Finally Christmas break - what can you do during the Christmas break?

The Christmas holidays are about being together and finding a good balance between enjoying lazy days and doing a little more fast-paced activities.

The Christmas holidays are the perfect opportunity to use your new Christmas presents, or even reuse the packaging that the presents came in. Maybe there is a big cardboard box that you can build a fort out of?

Crafts, games and playing indoors during the Christmas break

When snow is falling and wind is blowing outside, spending the Christmas holidays indoors is perfect. Lazing in front of the TV in Christmas pyjamas, binge-watching all the Christmas movies or diving into a good book and indulging in leftover Christmas sweets are all peaceful and relaxing. But you need to mix it up with more engaged activities such as arts and crafts, games or play.


Cosy arts and crafts days where creativity can flow

Gather the family for a cosy day full of arts and crafts and flowing creativity. Shape, build, paint and draw – you are only limited by your imagination. Maybe you can make bead plates that can be used as coasters? Or a new and colourful ornament to hang on the Christmas tree?
We also have a wide range of cardboard cut-outs in the form of play kitchens, play parking garages, animals and a space rocket. Cardboard cut-outs are perfect for crafting. Children can paint and decorate them any way they want to, after which they become fun toys.

Here at Biltema, you will find crafting materials for kids and grown-ups, so the whole family can participate.

Pastimes and creativity

Playtime for the whole family

Playtime with the whole family is fun. Let your creativity flow and create your own playing cards for quizzes and charades with different themes – anything from Christmas and animals to products from Biltema or famous people.
Another fun game that you can play together is pictionary. One of you starts by drawing something, and then the others around the table must try guess what it is. Use a whiteboard and whiteboard pens so that everyone can easily see what is being drawn.

Whiteboard pens

Board games for the whole family

There is a wide variety when it comes to board games, and you can find both calmer and more active games, where one or more players can participate. Board games come in many different forms and for different ages, so everyone in the family can join in.
For more active games, such as air hockey or mini football, players may need to be slightly older because the games are more physical. But these games can, of course, be adapted so that even young family members and friends can participate and play.

Our range of games

Imaginative games and pretend play

Use the home for games that kick-start the imaginations of smaller children. Dress up and build a pretend world with blankets and pillows that can be different small islands in the world of pirates. Has the teddy bear fallen or is mum sick? Best to call the doctor who can take care of them and patch them up. Why not build the world’s longest train track through the home – under chairs, tables and cabinets and over thresholds and furnishings.

Christmas holidays and winter games – the perfect match

There is plenty of snow in many places around the country, but when the sun is shining it is the perfect time for a family day sledding down hills. Remember to put on warm clothes and don’t forget to bring the hot chocolate and some tasty sandwiches.
Or perhaps you should bring along a fold-up grill and barbeque some hot dogs instead? Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful day full of sledding, snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights.

Layer on layer

Having appropriate clothing for the weather is important when you are out in the snow and having fun. Dressing in layers is necessary for keeping warm and dry all day.

Get dressed using layer on layer

Winter toys

Woo-hoo! Here I come!
Spend hours on snowy hills with a snow racer sled, bum sled or a traditional toboggan. Fast-paced games in the snow are a favourite pastime of many children (and adults)

Our range of winter toys

Picnic on the sledding slope

Keep full and warm on the sledding slope with some hot chocolate and tasty sandwiches. Food almost always tastes best outdoors, when you have been active all day. Don’t forget your sitting pads!

Picnic on the sledding slope

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