Reflectors for the whole family

Reflectors for the whole family

Autumn and winter are creeping closer, darkness is falling faster and remaining longer and longer in the morning. When we are out and about, it is incredibly important that we wear the right clothes, and that we are properly visible to car drivers and other road users.
Did you know that about 40% of all traffic accidents involving pedestrians occur when it is dark outside?

If you are not visible you don’t exist, at least so the saying goes - and that's really true. When you wear reflectors, the light from the car's headlights is reflected in the reflector and you are clearly visible and reduce the risk of an accident.So by wearing reflectors, you are much more visible and therefore reduce the risk of an accident.
When you wear dark clothes, without reflectors, a car with low beam detects you at a distance of about 20-30 meters. If, on the other hand, you wear visible reflectors, the car will already see you at 125 meters. *

You can probably do the math yourself and figure out how vital it can be to wear reflectors!


Stay visible - With reflectors you are more visible in the dark

Reflectors in the city and in the country

Reflectors are not only good to wear when walking along a dark country road, they are also good to wear when walking in the city or walking your dog in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there are also accidents happening in densely populated areas where there is street lighting.
Road conditions and visibility also affect your safety when moving in traffic. In wet road conditions, you are less visible and in addition, the car's braking distance becomes longer, regardless of whether you are out on the countryside or in the city. If you are out cycling, it is also important that the bike has working reflectors and lights - so that you are properly visible.

Where should I place the reflectors?

Reflectors are best seen when they are in motion, so a tip is to place them in a hanging string from, for example, the jacket pockets or on the pram. You can also wear your reflectors on your arms and legs, as they are also in motion when you are out walking or cycling. If you have the opportunity, it is an advantage if you place the reflectors as far down on the body or stroller as possible, so that they are best seen in the cars' low beam. A reflector that sits on the leg thus has a greater chance of being reflected by the car's low beam than a hat with reflectors on.

Reflectors for children

Do not forget to put reflectors on the most precious thing you have. Regardless of whether you are equipped with reflectors, it is important that your child also has it. Children who wear reflectors are well visible in the cars' low beam, as they are shorter and end up at the right height. In the autumn and winter darkness, it is also often dark when the children go to school, and sometimes even when they are on their way home - which makes it incredibly important that they are visible in the dark.


Workout with reflectors

The autumn and winter evening run or powerwalk often takes place in the dark, perhaps on trails and roads that are not always properly lit.
During a run, you move quickly and can easily end up in situations where the cars see you a little more suddenly than when you are out for a walk. Then it is even more important to protect yourself with clearly visible reflections or light sources on the body.

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Reflectors for dog and cat

It is also important to protect your four-legged friends when they are out and about in the dark. Outdoor cats often run loose outdoors, and unfortunately they do not always have the best of traffic senses.. So do your cat a favor and dress it with a reflective collar.
Dogs are most often out with their owners, who we hope has reflectors or lights on in the dark. But even the dog should wear a reflective vest or a dog collar with reflectors on it, so that they are clearly visible when they curiously run around and sniff the ground.

There is no such thing as too many reflectors - you can never be seen too much! So reflect you and your family properly in the dark, for your own sake and the sake of others.

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* Figures taken from NFT- Nationalföreningen för trafiksäkerhetens främjande.
Read more on their website

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