How to Create a WOW Feeling in Your Greenhouse

How to Create a WOW Feeling in Your Greenhouse

Hands caked in soil, late summer evenings and the scent of fresh herbs – a greenhouse offers many magical moments. Moments you can create with the right décor, where you are only limited by your imagination.

Growing plants in the greenhouse

Growing plants is perhaps what we first and foremost associate with a greenhouse – and isn’t it wonderful to have a verdant sanctuary out in the garden? Let your herbs grow alongside your tomatoes on a practical grow table that creates the perfect microclimate for sensitive plants. Or do you need a small greenhouse?
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You can also fill the shelves with pots, in which you can alternate between planting beautifully fragrant perennials and spicy chillies. But remember: the sun can get strong in the spring and summer, so make sure you protect your plants with jute netting, which provides good shade. You will find our jute netting, along with other useful cords and strings for your planting here.

And why not include the whole family? We also have tools for the small gardeners here.


Hang out

A steaming hot pasta topped with home-grown basil enjoyed by candlelight as the sun sets behind the trees or a dinner where guests get to harvest the salad. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful dream? A dream that can come true in your greenhouse.

Decorate your greenhouse with a small café table and chairs from our range of outdoor furniture and light some candle lanterns when darkness begins to fall. It is warm in the greenhouse in the evenings, and with a soft seat cushion on the chairs and warm blankets you can hang out all night long. 



Read a book, set up your easel, or listen to a podcast and enjoy the peace and quiet in the greenhouse. Furnish with a comfortable garden armchair and let the scent of the candles fill the greenhouse with tranquillity.

The greenhouse can also be a place where your creativity can flow freely, so bring your computer in and set up a workstation with completely new dimensions of peace and quiet.